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Project Updates (1 thru 9) 1. 5th Street Culvert

At the end of May 2008, the City experienced a waterline beak on 5th Street at the location of the culvert. Aqua Ohio, Inc., the owner of the water system proceeded with the repairs of the break. When the broken waterline was exposed, the City discovered that the adjacent sanitary sewer has been leaking for many years, likely causing structural damage to the concrete box culvert beyond normal aging and deterioration. It was also found that the sanitary sewer has an inverse slope at the culvert location. The City believes that this is the cause of 40 plus years of sanitary sewer backup problems that has plagued the area upstream of the culvert.
MS Consultants, Inc. immediately proceeded with a culvert inspection. The general appraisal and operational status of the culvert is “2” which means that the culvert is considered “critical”. According to the rating system, this is one step above imminent failure which creates a safety issue for the City.
As a result, MS Consultants, Inc. conducted a structural analysis on the culvert to provide a load rating for the culvert. Included was loading requirements for 2, 3, and 4-axle trucks. For a 2-axle truck, the load requirement is restricted to 10-tons; the City has installed truck detour signs.
The City has proceeded with the design of a replacement culvert and realignment of the sanitary sewer to eliminate the inverse slop.
The estimated cost for this project is $112,500.00 and the City will apply for a no interest SCIP Loan. The City anticipates construction to begin in October 2008.

2. Transportation Enhancement Program

Eastgate Regional Council of governments informed the City on July28th that the Youngstown Poland Road Sidewalk Project was not selected for funding. (See Attachment)

3. Lower Connector Bridge - Bob Cene Way

The City met with ODOT Representatives, Eastgate COG Representatives and MS Consultants to discuss a communication from ODOT dated June 6, 2008 that the City share increased from $128,800 to approximately $360,000. Rather than applying for a loan the City will apply for a grant from OPWC, State Issue I (SCIP) to cover the cost of the City’s local share. All projects must be submitted to Eastgate COG by August 22, 2008 to be considered.

4. Bob Cene Way Upgrade

Total cost of project $397,500.00, Grant amount $333,900.00 and City share is $63,600.00. Sealed bids will be received on August 25, 2008 at noon.

5. WWTP Belt Press Replacement

Project cost is $735,000.00 and project construction is initiated. Equipment to be delivered by October 2008 and completion approximately by March 2009.

6. WWTP Secondary Digester Covers Replacement Project

Project cost is $400,000.00 and project is under construction. An OPWC Loan was acquired ($365,000) and the duration is from 2008 to 2028. The City share is $35,000. Project is near completion.

7. WWTP Bar Screens Replacement

Project cost is 345,000 and City share is $75,793.00. City was awarded a SCIP Grant and the City’s share will be paid from the Sinking Fund. Advertisements for bids will take place soon.

8. Judity Lane/Spring Street Culvert Project

The total cost of this project is projected at $275,000.00. Design has began and the City to apply for an OWDA Loan or possibly SCIP Grant or loan for construction of culvert in 2009.

9. 2008 Paving Project & FY200 CDBG Formula Program

Bids were opened on July 7, 2008. A Pre-Construction Meeting was held on Friday, August 8th with MS Consultants, Inc., Jason Hull, Diorio Paving, Inc., Ed Wildes, SSD and myself. After review of the bids as tabulated, Diorio Paving, Inc. was the lowest and best bidder of $111,707.28 and awarded the bid. Together with 2008 Paving Program, CDBG Grant ($49.400), additional funds to come from budget items Permissive ($53,000) and Misc. (General $36,400). Paving is scheduled to proceed by August 15, 2008.

10. Youngstown-Poland Road/ODOT

In early June ODOT contacted me and said that possibly the City owned from the center line of Youngstown-Poland Road; which would mean that the City would be responsible for maintaining it. Since our initial discussion, we have been researching the annexation of the territory from Brandon Avenue north to Midlothian Blvd. There were many hearing and three amendments to the petition describing the territory to be annexed.
On March 4, 1925, Struthers Council passed Ordinance 739 accepting the application for annexation. The description in the Ordinance clearly states the boundary is the easterly line of the public highway known as Youngstown and Poland Road north to the southerly line of Midlothian Blvd.
This information was passed on to ODOT through a conference call on July 31st and ODOT is looking over the documents we have provided to them.

11. Culverts/Stormwater

As you know, many culverts and ravines were inspected under my and Safety Service Director Ed Wildes direction. I am pleased that the City was able to save over $25,000 by renting an excavator and having wastewater personnel perform the cleaning of these ravines and culverts that were neglected for many years. The culverts and ravines that were cleaned are as follows: Culvert on Coy Street, Culvert on Rt. 289 (East end of road towards Lowellville), Ravine on Kathrine Street, drainage area behind the former Highland School, Glendale & Highland Ravine, Woodbine & Chestnut Ravine, Narcissa Street Ravine and Lowellville Road Culvert.
I would like to commend Rich DeLuca, Utilities Manager and Wastewater Personnel for all of their hard work causing the City considerable savings to the taxpayers. Rich DeLuca was instrumental in taking on the inspections of these neglected streams and his determination to get the streams running freely deserves mention.

12. Speed Trailer

The Youngstown Police Department has loaned us the use of their Speed Trailer during the week of August 4th. The Speed Trailer advises motorists of their current actual speed to compare against the posted speed. The targeted areas will be the areas targeted for radar: Center, Sexton, S.R. 616 near bridge, Geneva, S.R. 616 near Smithfield, Elm, Clingan, Lowellville Rd., and 5th (city limits).
I would like to thank Youngstown Police Department for allowing us to borrow this valuable piece of equipment.

13. Appointments

Brian Hallquist has been appointed to fill the Fire Engineer position, his starting date is August 13, 2008. I congratulate Brian on his new position and hope that he will be a positive addition to the Struthers Fire Department.
I would like to thank all the applicants that were interviewed; all were professional and great candidates for the position.

14. ODOT Assistance

Safety Director Ed Wildes and I contacted ODOT’s John Chismar regarding the debris filled culvert in between the Shell Gas Station & Crogan’s on Rt. 616. The debris was clogging pipe that discharges water into Hamilton Lake.
ODOT came in with their equipment and cleaned out the culvert and installed a detention pond to improve the water quality and to prevent flooding in the Lakeshore Drive area. I would like to express my gratitude to ODOT for this service; it was completed at no cost to the City and/or taxpayers.

Respectfully Submitted:

Terry P. Stocker

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