City of Struthers Police Department

MISSION: The mission of the Struthers Police Department is to provide a safe and orderly environment for the community, in which citizens can conduct their business and their daily lives, through the best efforts of the department's personnel and the most efficient use of its resources.

PERSONNEL: The Struthers Police Department is comprised of sixteen full time officers, consisting of one Police Chief, four Captains, and eleven Patrol Officers, two of which are assigned to investigative duties as Detective and Detective-Juvenile Officer. The department has three full time Dispatchers and one full time Secretary. There are three part time dispatchers and five part time patrol officers. The department is currently rebuilding its volunteer reserve force of commissioned officers.

OPERATIONS: Police DepartmentThe Police Department provides 24 hour law enforcement services to the community. Officers respond to a myriad of calls for service and conduct proactive patrol in an effort to maintain the public peace and control crime in the community. In the year 2007, the Police Department responded to 6,074 calls for service, including 1,460 incidents involving criminal offenses.

Each of the department's four captains is assigned as the supervisor of a shift. Additionally, all are assigned staff functions for which they are responsible.

The department provides complete call taking and dispatch services, including E-911 and the State of Ohio's Law Enforcement Automated Data System (L.E.A.D.S.). The department also operates a twelve day jail facility consisting of nine cells (six male and three female). As an indication of the amount of activity generated by this nine cell jail, in the year 2007, the department booked 913 individuals into jail, who stayed an average of 23.2 hours apiece.

The department's Detective Bureau consists of one officer assigned as Detective and another assigned as Detective-Juvenile Officer. These officers are responsible for all follow up investigations for criminal activity occurring within our community. The department has one officer assigned, one day per week, to the Mahoning Valley Drug Task Force, as well as one other officer assigned one day per week to the Mahoning Valley Violent Crimes Task Force and Crisis Response Team.

Under the direction of the Safety-Service Director, the City operates a Juvenile Diversion Program utilizing the services of a civilian Juvenile Diversion Officer. The program includes counseling services, community service, and stresses accountability for juvenile offenders. The police department works closely with the Juvenile Diversion Officer and ensures that the efforts of the department and the diversion program are coordinated.

RECENT INNOVATIONS: K-9 Patrol dog The department has recently acquired a K-9 patrol dog to be utilized for daily patrol, tracking, drug location, etc. The dog and handler are fully trained and certified to State of Ohio specifications. The costs for the dog, the training of the officer/handler and the dog, and the K-9 equipped cruiser were all acquired through donations from the community with no expenditures of tax dollars. We truly appreciate the support of the community in this endeavor.

Bicycle officerThe department has also recently implemented a bicycle patrol unit. The bicycle officer performs normal cruiser patrol functions with the additional capability of parking the cruiser and taking the bicycle for patrol through the city's parks, plaza's, problem areas, or residential streets.

The department, in conjunction with the Safety-Service Director, has implemented an Ambassador Program, in which officers stop in and visit local establishments, become acquainted with business owners and employees, check for problems and ensure that identified problems are addressed. Initially, these visits have been assigned to the local liquor establishments, and will expand to other businesses. Additionally, the Police Chief and the Safety-Service Director have been visiting other local businesses, for similar purposes.

RESOURCES: police range The Police Department has five marked patrol cruisers, equipped with standard police light bars, sirens, radios, prisoner security screens and emergency equipment, plus in-car video cameras and recorders. There are Automatic External Defibrillators (AED) in each of the cruisers and one in the jail area. The department also maintains four unmarked police units. The department's reporting, docket, and booking formats are fully computerized with P.C. work stations networked to a central file server.

You may contact the Struthers Police Department by calling (330) 755-9849. Emergency calls should use "911".

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