Struthers Officials Conducting City-wide Business Census

Courtesy of WKBN

The city of Struthers began conducting an in-person business census last week as part of a larger comprehensive plan for the city.

The business census is asking business owners basic questions, like each business’ name, store hours and number of employees.

Its purpose is to identify local businesses in the city, whether they have a physical storefront or are operated from a business owner’s home.

“This helps identify the needs for different kinds of businesses we may or may not have in the city, businesses that we want to have going forward,” said Ryan Rogalski, Struthers’ tax commissioner.

This business census is also a part of a three-phase comprehensive plan to continue helping Struthers grow.

“We identify areas of town that need improvements. You’re more apt to receive grant money from different organizations if you have a comprehensive plan in place,” Rogalski said.

The comprehensive plan aims to direct the city’s physical development while the business census helps to create a shared community vision, adding to the effectiveness of the comprehensive plan.

“We just want to make sure that whatever comes into the city is really going to benefit our residents as much as possible,” Rogalski said.

Rogalski said businesses are responding well to the census.

Owners of the new Struthers Nutrition on State Street appreciate the city’s help. They say the census can help local businesses connect.

“Other people in the city and other local businesses understand that we’re here, understand who we are and everything like that, and we can really just keep track of other businesses as well,” said Struthers Nutrition’s Dylan Nelson.

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