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Struthers, Ohio

Looking for Convenient, Affordable Residental Location? Or maybe a Strategic Business Location with unlimited resources and community support service? Once a steel town in the Mahoning Valley of northeast Ohio, Struthers has diversified into an urban community with a mix of residential, commercial, industrial and recreational areas to meet different needs.

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A variety of affordable housing exists in Struthers and the surrounding area. The Mahoning Valley and the Struthers area in particular, is ranked as one of the most affordable housing areas, with a relative cost of only 92.3 with a national average set at 100. From $40,000 to $200,000, you get more house for your money in STRUTHERS! The overall cost of living index for the area is also below the national average (92.2 with a national average set at 100) as reported by the American Chamber of Commerce.

Located in the Youngstown-Warren Metropolitan Area, 60 miles from both Cleveland and Pittsburgh, and only an 8 hour drive from Chicago and New York City, Struthers, Ohio offers all the advantages of a small town and easy access to the big city. The community is served by Interstates 680, 80 (Ohio Turnpike) 76 and Ohio Route 11, the Lake Erie to Ohio River Throughway. The Youngstown-Warren Regional Airport, Cleveland Hopkins Airport and Pittsburgh International Airport are all nearby.

The Mahoning Valley is ranked 12th in the nation in manufacturing sites. In Struthers, the CASTLO INDUSTRIAL PARK, a nonprofit Community Improvement Corporation, offers commercial and industrial space for a variety of business needs. From rail and road access to full utilities and overhead cranes, CASTLO can give you a great square foot price, typically $1 to $3.50/sq. ft. and if we don't have what you are looking for, we'll help you find it nearby. All this and a location that will put you within a days drive of one of the largest market areas in the United States. How does half the population of the US. and Canada sound? The Youngstown-Warren SMA is contiguous with six other metropolitan areas.

Zoned for industry with infrastructure already in place, the Corridor of Opportunity lies within a day's reach of more than half of the markets of North America. Directly accessible to the Interstate Highway System, it boasts excellent rail access and a full-service rail yard. Additionally, it is anchored at east and west by thriving, successful industrial parks

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