City Council

City Council

City Council is the legislative branch of city government responsible for considering and passing laws (ordinances), within its constitutional authority, to protect and promote the safety, health, welfare and common good of the community.

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The Council of the City of Struthers consists of seven members, four elected from wards and three elected at-large. All council positions are elected for two-year terms. Among council's responsibilities are reviewing, revising and approving the city budget, authorizing the Board of Control to advertise and enter into contracts for various projects and collective bargaining agreements negotiated by the administration, and representing the concerns of their constituents in the making of public policy and providing services.

Council works through a committee system as they research and consider various proposals from individual council members, or the executive branch, requiring legislation. Each committee consists of three council members who make recommendations to the full body on matters within their area. Currently, the committees of council include Finance and Legislation, Police and Fire, Parks and Recreation, Business and Zoning, Public Utilities, General Improvements, Claims and Adjustments and State and Federal Grants. Typically, the Finance and Legislation Committee must also approve proposed legislation before council as a whole considers it.

All proposed legislation must receive a majority vote by City Council and be signed by the mayor to be enacted. Should the mayor veto the legislation, a two-thirds (5) votes of council is needed to override the mayor's veto.

President of Council

Michael S. Patrick

Councilwoman, 1st Ward

Lori A. Greenwood

Councilwoman | 1st Ward
Councilman, 2nd Ward

Ronald A. Carcelli

Councilman | 2nd Ward
Councilman, 3rd Ward

Robert D. Burnside

Councilman | 3rd Ward
Councilman, 4th Ward

Richard S. Bayus

Councilman | 4th Ward

Dallas A. Bigley

Council - At - Large

Megan L. Pingley

Council - At - Large

James E. Baluck

Council - At - Large
Clerk of Council

Megan Shorthouse

Clerk of Council