The Office Public Safety & Service

Bob Benson, Safety Service Director

Bob Benson, SSD

The Safety Service Director (SSD) is the Executive Head of the Police and Fire Departments and the chief administrative authority of corrections and building departments. He has all powers and duties connected with an incident to appointment, regulation, and government of such departments.ORC Chapters 237, 735.

The Police Chief and Fire Chief have control of the administration of departmental personnel and daily operations, under the supervision of the Safety Service Director.

The Safety Service Director is authorized to place and maintain traffic control devices upon any street or highway as are necessary, that conforms to the Ohio Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices, as set forth in Ohio R.C. 4511.09.

He is also Building Inspector, Zoning Commissioner, Property Maintenance inspector, and enforces all Laws of the State of Ohio and Ordinances of the City of Struthers.

The Safety Service Director manages and supervises all Public works and administration of the City. The Street Foreman and Water Pollution Control Supervisor handle the daily operation and personnel in their departments under the Director's supervision.

Safety Director Bob Benson can be reached by the telephone at 330-755-2181 x 114, or by email.