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Created in 2020 and pursuant to City Ordinance 20-019, the Code Enforcement Director shall enforce any and all ordinances or resolutions of the City relating to the maintenance of residential and commercial property within the City unless the enforcement of said ordinances and resolutions is specifically delegated to the Safety Service Director(SSD), in which case the SSD may designate the enforcement to the Code Enforcement Director.

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The Code Enforcement Director shall take steps to cause the correction of, and compliace with, any City ordinace or resolution under the Code Enforcement Director's jurisdiction. These steps include, but are not limited to:

  • Site Inspections
  • Warnings
  • Written directions to correct a violation
  • Filing, with the assistance of the Law Director, court actions to enforce any ordinance or resolution

For purposes of making inspections, the Code Enforcement Director shall have the right to enter upon any property at reasonable times to make inspections to determine whether or not a violation of a City ordinance or resolution exists.

The Code Enforcement Director is also responsible for ensuring that all landlords within the City limits are registered with the City and that all occupants of rental properties are likewise registered.

Our Staff

Joseph Rudzik, Code Enforcement Director

Joseph Rudzik

Juan Fornore, Officer

Juan Fornore