How to pay your bill

By Mail

City Of Struthers
P.O. Box 70279
Philadelphia PA, 19176-0279

Water & Sewer

Struthers Water and Sewer

The City of Struthers is committed to providing quality service and superior product to all of our residents and businesses.

Struthers customers pay a user charge, based on the amount of water you use at your home or business in a billing period. $3.32 per one hundred (100) cubic feet of water used per month. 933.28 C (effective date September 2020).

In addition, a debt service charge is levied upon each lot, parcel of land, or parking lot that drains into any waterway. This fee is designed to fund capital improvements and other needed expenditures for the City’s system. The debt service charge is a fixed rate of $4.50 per month (effective September 2020).