Water Pollution Control

City of Struthers Stormwater Management

The Struthers Waste Water Treatment Plant has grown into the Struthers Water Pollution Control Facility. In addition to treating 5.2 million gallons of waste water per day and removing 500 tons of solid waste from the waste water flow. The Water Pollution Control Facility also has assumed the implementation of the federally mandated storm water utility (MS4). The basis of the storm water utility are the six minimum control measures.

The plant and collection system is staffed by (1) Class IV Plant Manager, (1) Class II Assistant Manager/ Storm Water Manager, (1) Class III Lead Operator, (3) Class II Operators, one with a B.S. degree in Molecular Biology, (2) Class I Operators, one with a B.S. degree in Applied Science (1) Chemist with a B.S. degree in Chemistry, (5) Utility Maintenance Men, (1) Lead Maintenance, Journeyman Electrician (1) Treatment Plant Maintenance Worker (1) Industrial Monitor and (1) Class I Equipment Operator.

The plant services users in Struthers, Poland, and parts of Boardman Township. The plant maintains approximately 50 miles of Sanitary Sewer in Struthers as well as monitors and receives flows from Mahoning County of the outlined areas mentioned above, which accounts for 64.5 % of the plant flow.

The annual budget is approximately $3.2 million dollars.

Arrangements can be made for appointments, information, or any other inquiries by contacting the Plant Superintendent, Mark Ciccone or the Assistant Plant Manager/ Storm Water Manager Frank De Marco. You may also send an email here.

The City of Struthers is committed to providing quality service and superior product to all of our residents and businesses.

Struthers customers pay a user charge, based on the amount of water you use at your home or business in a billing period. $3.32 per one hundred (100) cubic feet of water used per month, and a debt service charge of $3.00 per month for capital expenses. 933.28 C (effective date September 2020).

In addition, a debt service charge is levied upon each lot, parcel of land, or premises having an active connection with the sewerage system or otherwise discharging sewage into the City’s system. This fee is designed to fund capital improvements and other needed expenditures for the City’s system. The debt service charge is a fixed rate of $4.50 per month (effective September 2020).

The plant treats an average of 5.2 MGD per day, the plant also removes and treats over 500 tons of solid waste per year. The Lab performs approximately 5000 tests yearly. Collection System personnel maintains over 50 miles of sanitary sewer yearly, maintains approximately 300 storm catch basins annually and maintains five pump stations throughout the city.

The elimination of I & I (inflow and infiltration) though out the City. By cleaning, televising and smoke testing, in order to find and repair compromised sewer lines, and to remove illicit tie-ins such as down spouts and footer drains. The goal is to remove storm water from entering into the City sanitary sewer system to eliminate system overflows, to keep overall operational costs lower to the citizens of Struthers and to stay compliant to all Federal and State laws.

The wastewater department operates an Industrial Monitoring Program which permits over 75 restaurants and monitors two major industrial discharges. The plant currently provides means for local septage haulers to dispose of residential septage.

Completion of the SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) system. SCADA will allow for monitoring and control of the City’s five lift stations as well as all main plant processes to be controlled by one central computer thus increasing the efficiency of the Wastewater Department.

Did You Know?

(c) Prohibitions on Discharge of Unpolluted Water. No person shall discharge or cause to be discharged to a sanitary sewer any unpolluted water which includes, but is not limited to, storm water, groundwater, roof runoff, subsurface drainage or uncontaminated cooling water or industrial process waters. Any existing roof drain connections to sanitary sewers shall be connected into an available storm sewer and shall be disconnected above ground in the manner approved by the Director. The owner of all buildings situated within the City is required at his expense to disconnect all existing roof drain connections to sanitary sewers in accordance with the provisions of this chapter within ninety days after the date of official notice to do so.

To assist Struthers home owners in the cost of removing stormwater from entering the sanitary sewer system from downspouts, footer drains and preventing basement flooding. The City of Struthers has a backflow prevention control program.

If you are a resident of the City of Struthers you are eligible to participate in the program. The following information and instructions are provided for eligible residents to participate in the BACKFLOW CONTROL PROGRAM.

Residents of the City of Struthers are asked to read the following important information carefully to avoid delays or possible disqualifications in obtaining reimbursement for expenses and to ensure the proper equipment is installed. FAILURE TO FOLLOW THE REQUIREMENTS AND INSPECTION PROCESS DETAILED HEREIN WILL DISQUALIFY THE APPLICANT’S ELIGIBILITY FOR REIMBURSEMENT.


1. If you are eligible to qualify for the 50% reimbursement up to a maximum of $1,500.00, a gate valve or alternative system placed on the sanitary sewer lateral placed on the sanitary sewer lateral and sump pump shall be installed. The removal of the footer drains from the sanitary sewer shall be completed prior to reimbursement. The removal of the footer drains from the system in accordance with code shall be required and part of the total cost of the project. Permit and inspection fees are not reimbursable. Eligible properties with an existing sump pump will be inspected prior to reimbursement for an installed gate valve by Mahoning County Board of Health.

2. To obtain reimbursement for costs to have the footer drains removed from the sanitary sewer, sump pump installed and gate valve or alternative system placed on the sanitary sewer lateral placed on the sanitary sewer lateral, eligible home/property owner(s) are to obtain at least two (2) proposals from master licensed plumbers (a supplied list of master licensed plumbers must be obtained from the Mahoning County Board of Health) prior to installation of the devices. Residents contacting businesses to do the work should inquire as to experience in performing the work to be done. The home/property owner can select any qualified contractor however, the City will only reimburse 50% up to $1,500.00 of the lowest proposal submitted and will not participate in any cost beyond that stated in the proposal.

3. When all work is completed, eligible residents shall provide the City of Struthers proof of payment to the contractor for work performed. Proof to include cancelled checks or invoice stamped paid and signed by the contractor before reimbursement of fifty percent (50%) of cost up to a maximum of $1,500.00 is paid by the City, the resident shall sign a statement releasing the city from all liability in connection with the work or the proper operation of the gate valve and sump pump and future basement flooding.

4. The City, through the Wastewater Treatment Plant Manager reserves the right to limit the number of participants in any given year based on the availability of funds for said program. (There will be a limit of 5 per calendar year that shall not exceed $7,500 and will be expended from the current Budget Category SDO.)

5. All work must be performed by a master licensed plumber, who is registered with Mahoning County Board of Health. The work shall be properly performed and meet all requirements of the State Of Ohio Plumbing Code and must be tagged by Mahoning County Board of Health as to proper instillation.

6. Permits must be obtained from Mahoning County Board of Health for the sump pump installation, gate valve, and general inspection of work. Residents having work done prior to the effective date of this Ordinance are to contact the Board of Health for a permit if the permit was not originally obtained. Permit and inspection fees are not reimbursable.

7. The Mahoning County Inspection Department must inspect the work prior to completion of the work, i.e., the covering of piping. The resident should contact the Mahoning County Board of Health to see if an inspection of the work was done at the time of performance. If the work has not been inspected by the Mahoning County Board of Health, inspection of the existing sump pump and gate valve shall be made prior to any reimbursement.

The Mahoning County Board of Health maintains a list of licensed and registered master plumbers. Please contact the Mahoning County Board of Health for a list of master plumbers to perform the work.

Qualified reimbursements through this program will be made in sixty (60) to ninety (90) days from receipt of all required documents.

Any questions concerning this program may be directed to the Struthers Wastewater Treatment Plant Manager or Assistant Manager.

Our Staff

Mark Ciccone, Plant Superintendent

Mark Ciccone

Plant Superintendent
Frank Demarco, Assistant Plant Manager

Frank De Marco

Storm Water Manager / Assistant Plant Manager