Struthers Municipal Court

Struthers Municipal Court services several surrounding jurisdictions that include the City of Struthers, Village of Lowellville, Poland Village, Poland Township, Village of New Middletown, and Springfield Township.

Rules of Court

  • Dress code is strictly enforced. Absolutely no shorts, t-shirts, midriff tops or sundresses allowed. You will be asked to leave if not properly attired.
  • No photography, audio, or visual recording.
  • No food or beverages.
  • No cellphone are allowed inside the courtroom. They must be left in your vehicle or surrendered to court security and placed in a locker.

Struthers Municipal Court hears cases on Monday, Thursday, and Friday from 9am to 1pm and Wednesday from 1pm to 4pm.

The Court will be accepting all in-person filings (civil, criminal, and traffic) by appointment only.

The Courtroom is open to Defendants, Attorneys, and Subpoenaed Victims/Witnesses ONLY.

Our Staff

Hon. James A. Melone, Municipal Judge

Hon. James A. Melone

Municipal Judge
Amsi L. Medina, Court Administrator

Amsi L. Medina

Court Administrator
Cheryl Host, Bailiff

Cheryl Host

Gina Zerbonia, Clerk of Court

Gina Zerbonia

Clerk of Court
Joann Nicola, Deputy Civil Clerk

Joann Nicola

Deputy Civil Clerk
Kelly Ramsbottom, Deputy Traffic Clerk

Kelly Ramsbottom

Deputy Traffic Clerk
Erin M. Calabrette, Deputy Criminal Clerk

Erin M. Calabrette

Deputy Criminal Clerk
Thomas Testa, Deputy Clerk

Thomas Testa

Deputy Clerk