Trash & Recycling

Struthers Recycling

Struthers has an extremely easy recycling process called single stream which means residents can put all accepted recyclables in one container.

Republic Services provides both a 95-gallon waste can and a 65-gallon recycling can. The pick-up schedule for both trash and recycling is available below.

Weekly trash and biweekly recycling pickup is available through Republic Services. To set up residential service, visit

In addition to curbside pickup, the City of Struthers has a central recycling center located on Bob Cene Way.

The City also provides leaf pickup in the fall. Bags are available for free at City Hall and are picked up by the Struthers Street Department every Monday.

When is my trash picked up?

What can I recycle?




Shelf stable and refrigerated cartons like milk, juice, broth, and wine cartons.

Not Accepted


Discard caps, empty and rinse thoroughly.

Glass Bottles & Jars

Food and beverage glass bottle and jars of any color.

Ceramics, drinking glasses, Pyrex, window glass, crystal, light bulbs; eyeglasses; broken glass of any kind.

Discard caps, empty and rinse thoroughly.

Metal Cans

All metal food and beverage cans such as beer, pop, soup, vegetable cans.

Any non-food container.

Empty and rinse thoroughly.


Newsprint and inserts, catalogs, magazines, ad slicks, postcards, cereal and dry food boxes, junk mail and envelopes, wrapping paper, greeting cards, paperback books, paper shopping bags, phone books, computer paper, paper egg cartons.

Corrugated cardboard, shredded paper or hardbound books, greasy pizza boxes, napkins and paper towels, food or candy wrappers, photographs.

Plastic Bottles, Jars, & Jugs

Milk jugs, pop and juice bottles, detergents, cleaning products.

No plastic bags or Styrofoam, tubs or buckets, blister packaging, yogurt cups, single-use coffee pods, hangers, toys, clam shells, empty motor oil or antifreeze jugs.

Discard caps, empty and rinse thoroughly.